Norman Reedus Wraps His Movie "Air," Injures Toe

Would someone like to volunteer as tribute and kiss Norman Reedus’s (Daryl Dixon) toe to make it better? No one at all? Poor guy. It’s a shame he’s not more popular.
On April 17, Norman tweeted a cool photo from the set of his movie Air, adding, "That's a wrap!" Good! We need him back on the set of The Walking Dead Season 5, and it looks like he is headed that way soon, with filming starting in early May.
Norman also shared an Instagram video, from his trailer on the Airset, starting with a close-up of his bruised toe and continuing around the strange space. It's not quite as freaky as Terminus's candle room, but it is kind of its own shrine, with tons of photos of Beyonce, shirtless guys, and Norman himself. Apparently it's the "Girls Lounge” and it’s … interesting.
Norman recently shared the sexy selfie below from the set of that movie, which is co-produced by a few of The Walking Dead honchos. 
He had a bandaged hand in that pic, so his character might take a beating in the film. 
Norman and Djimon Hounsou co-star in Air, which is about two custodians who struggle to hold onto their sanity while living in an underground bunker with cryogenically frozen people meant to re-populate society.
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Norman Reedus Reveals First Celebrity Crush and Prized Gift From Debbie Harry

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) is the latest star of The Walking Deadto take Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Culture Personality Test (his co-star Emily Kinney did so earlier this year), and his answers to EW’s typical barrage of questions are just as epic as we would have predicted.
Right off the bat Norman spills on his first-ever celeb crush. “Annabella from Bow Wow Wow was my first celebrity crush,” he said of the ‘80s singer without missing a beat. “My second one was Suzanne Somers from Three’s Company, who I met actually at an Oscars party, and I think I was drooling on myself. She said ‘Norman, did you grow up on me?’ And I go, ‘You have no idea!’ I liked all her outfits.”
Are we the only ones picturing young Norman swooning over Chrissy’s colorful getups? We love that his crush on Suzanne came full circle when he met her at an Academy Awards party, too. Who knows, maybe Suze has a little crush on Norman now that he’s a big television star!
Later in the interview, Norman went on to discuss a meaningful gift he received from music icon and Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry. “Debbie Harry gave me some H.R. Giger books. Those are pretty cool. I was a big H.R. Giger fan,” he dished.
Wondering how Norman and Debbie managed to cross paths over the years? Norman recalled a bizarre-sounding movie the pair co-starred in back in 1997 called Six Ways to Sunday. “I did a movie with her where I sleep with her and kill her. First I kill her, then I sleep with her, then I take her dead body on a bus, and we leave town.” Not quite Walking Dead, but it’s getting there!
For more on Norman’s favorite movies (including a few flicks that even scare him!), check out the complete video below !
The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Cast In Triple Nine

Norman Reedus has been cast in the upcoming ensemble heist drama, “Triple Nine,” according to Deadline.

Reedus is, of course, best known as Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead.” Reedus will film “Triple Nine” during the off period between filming seasons 4 and 5 of “The Walking Dead.”

“Triple Nine” will be directed by John Hillcoat (“Lawless,” “The Road”). Reedus is joining a cast that already includes Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman in “Batman vs. Superman”), Anthony Mackie (The Falcon in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”), Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet, Aaron Paul, and Teresa Palmer.

In “Triple Nine,” a group of gang members and a corrupt cop plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull of their biggest heist yet across town.

“Triple Nine” is scheduled to be released sometime in 2015.



On screen, the fourth season finale of “The Walking Dead” was all coiled tension as our zombie apocalypse survivors made their way to the not-so-safe haven of Terminus.
Off screen, however, everything was laughs and fun as these behind-the-scenes shots show the cast goofing off, taking selfies and generally having the best time possible on the grimmest show possible.
Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Scott Wilson BTS during S4 

The Reedus and Denise Huth BTS during S4.

Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Scott Wilson hear no evil, see no evil, and, um, also hear no evil.
All photos are by Gene Page/AMC.

Norman Reedus to Try Comedy Next? He Says...

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has some pretty funny quips on The Walking Dead every now and then, but we’d hardly call his fan-favorite role a comedic one. After all, there’s only so much humor one can find in the end of the world, right?
In an interview with Refinery29, Norman admitted that he’s generally attracted to characters with darker pasts, but he certainly wouldn't rule out taking on a more comedic role in the future.
“I do play people with troubled pasts; I do look like that sort of person. That being said, I never really get seen in a comedy. I’d be great in a comedy,” he declared. “I might be the only one who thinks I’m funny, but I think I’m kind of funny.”
However, when asked if we should keep an eye out for him in a Will Ferrell-esque slapstick movie, Norman seemed less sure. “I mean, it can be fun. I don’t think it’s really my thing. Just hanging out with those kind of geniuses on set, like that. There is also something about comedians, a sadness. It’s sort of intense sometimes. Those guys are all geniuses. I don’t know if I’d do Dude, Where’s My Car, but working with someone like Will Ferrell? Hell yeah. Or Eastbound and Down? I love that show.”
So it sounds like comedy could be in Norman’s future, so long as it’s not something mindless. With acting chops like his, though, we certainly think he’s earned the right to be a little picky!
Comedy aside, Norman was also asked if there was any role he would never touch. His pragmatic answer is just another reason why we love him.” A part that I wouldn’t play? Maybe something that has just been done to death. I know they are remaking everything now. If someone said, 'Would you like to play Joe Buck from Midnight Cowboy?' I’d be like, 'That’s my all-time favorite movie in the world. But, can you really do it better than Jon Voight did it? Could you even attempt that?' Like thinking of remaking Taxi Driver. Would you ever remake Taxi Driver? I don’t know — I couldn't do that kind of a part.”
We totally agree, a remake isn’t always a good thing and sometimes the classics are better left alone. Yes, Carrie Underwood, we’re looking at you.
“But, as far as a character? No. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,” the TWD star concluded.
Would you like to see Norman in a comedy in the future?