Interview With Norman Reedus On The Walking Dead Season 3 (Comic Con 3DTV)

Transcription by normanreedusinterviews:

We’re at the prison now, you know. We sorta found the prison. And you know, it’s like Club Med to us. There’s walls, there’s fences, we can hide in there and get a good night’s sleep hopefully. Um, Merle, my brother’s coming back. We have Michonne, we have the governor. Season three is gonna blow everyone away. It’s so much better than season two and season one and I loved season one and season two. You’ll just have to trust me. It’s amazing.

Well, I mean he’s uh, I mean in season two, he was very much “I’m gonna find this little girl”. And they’re saying, you know, no, let’s stay together and come up with a plan. And he was like I’m better off by myself. You know, now he’s working with the group, he’s [got] more responsibility. He’s taking on more of a leadership role. Ah, you know, he cares about these people now.They trust him. They allow him to come in and share their lives with him. I think he’s used to being alone and just assumes everyone hates him. And you know, he’s this dirty redneck and they don’t like him. But, you know, so now I think he’d fight to death for all these people so it’s much better.

What is an average day like on the set of The Walking Dead?

Well, I mean, we hang out with all these people that are our friends. And you know we’re sorta in a bubble out there. We’re away sorta from society, you know we’re out in the country. It’s just us really and we work really hard and we like each other a lot. And, ah, you know, we kill zombies and stick together.

What’s your favorite way you’ve killed a zombie so far?

I think in episode, er, season one, the double axe to the throat and the head flying off was kinda fun. That was kind of on the day and the special effects team liked it so much, they made the head fly off. That was a little bonus they gave me.

Do you feel like you could actually survive the zombie apocalypse?

Hell no. I would just, I would be in the top floor of a hotel, naked, running around in circles, terrified.

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