Boondock Saints panel at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2013

During the Boondock Saints panel at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Flanery was asked by a fan when we can expect the long anticipated sequel to ever see the light of day. He answered emphatically saying, "After the recent tragedies hit Boston I texted (director) Troy Duffy to ask him about when he would work on the third one and he replied 'on it'."

Flanery mentioned that some images were floating around tying together imagery from the Boondock Saints films after the recent bombings struck the city of Boston and it appears to have been a factor in kickstarting the third movie in this beloved vigilante franchise. Another question spurred quite the controversial response from Flanery when he was asked what his thoughts on vigilante justice were and he mentioned how he was disgusted how people that rape and torture only get 10 years prison. 

"Well, I'm from Texas so what I'd do is take the person out back and shoot him in the f***ing head," he said. The response jolted the Canadian crowd into a frenzy of applause.

Fellow Saint and current Walking Dead star Norman Reedus was late to the panel after being consumed by the fans but when he showed up, the chemistry and brotherly love between actors was awesome to behold. 

Flanery complimented Reedus near the end of the panel by comparing the essence of his character Daryl Dixon on Walking Dead to that of when Henry Winkler portrayed The Fonz. 
The panel was one of the most memorable in Calgary Expo history and the room was absolutely jam packed during the sold out convention.
Boondock Saints panel at the Calgary Fan Expo - Video:

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