The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 1 Has Wrapped

So how is filming going on season 4 of The Walking Dead in Georgia? Well, despite some early difficulties with airplanes flying overhead and interrupting filming, the first episode of season 4 has completed filming.

Earlier today, Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple tweeted, “Ep1, S4 wrapped. Gratitude, awe, and utter excitement.” While some pre-production work on season 4 of The Walking Dead started in late April, cameras didn’t actually start filming until Monday, May 6, which means it took just under two weeks to completely film the first episode.

If The Walking Dead cast keeps up the current pace of around one episode per every two weeks, then the sixteen episode season would finish filming on December 27, 2013. However, odds are that the pace will pick up as the first episode probably required more new set construction, so we’re betting that season 4 will probably wrap filming sometime in mid-November.

While it’s unknown exactly what happens in the first episode of The Walking Dead, Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus recently shared his views on the first episode. Reedus tweeted, “Episode one is huge. I promise you’ll freakout. Gonna be SO GOOD.”

The Walking Dead Season 4 will air on Sunday nights in the Fall on AMC.


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