The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Now Has a Uterus

And here we thought it was weird when a fan gave Norman Reedus her implant (which he's now using as a phone cradle).

The Walking Dead's sexiest Dixon bro gets the most bizarre gifts from his legion of fans, and we have to assume that's what's up with this new addition, which Norman tweeted about on Mother's Day: "I got a uterus!!!!"

And he's super excited about it! Here are two of the fan comments with his tweet:

• a norman co-stalker: "Well, it's the perfect day for that and since you've already destroyed the fandom's ovaries, I guess the uterus is next. ;-)" 

• JenKnits4Reedus: "I'm surprised someone hasn't knitted or made him a vagina coin holder yet. Know which one I'm talking about?"

FYI, if you want your own uterus, you can get one online. Over, they're selling them for $18. "Don’t tell the politicians, but this uterus can belong to anyone. The Huge Uterus Plush has expanded, and now measures 9" x 16" when you stretch her fallopian tubes out all the way. 

An informative tag describes the wonders of the womb. No one ever appreciates a uterus during that time of the month, but none of us would be here without one."

This is the world we live in! Funny, though, that Norman now has an implant and a uterus and travels with an adorable cat. We’re sure he’s male?


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