The Walking Dead: Should Daryl Join The Comic Series?

With The Walking Dead TV series on break until the Fall, many fans are struggling to get their Walking Dead fix. The good news is that there is a comic series, which is published all year long. The bad news is that Daryl Dixon is not in the comic series.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has previously stated that he’s considered writing Daryl Dixon into the comics, but he’s also stated that he likes to keep some things in the comic series and the TV series separate. Not everyone from the comic will appear on the TV series, and not everyone from the TV series will appear in the comic.

However, we have to wonder if it’s time for Kirkman to make an exception for Daryl Dixon. Norman Reedus has become somewhat of a phenomenon on the show, and he’s helping attract new viewers to the show that have never read the comic book. Kirkman could be missing the boat by not using the popularity of Daryl Dixon to get all these new Walking Dead fans reading the comic book series.

If Robert Kirkman were to introduce Daryl Dixon into The Walking Dead comic book series it would virtually be guaranteed to become the bestselling comic book of the month. Hell, if he also did a Norman Reedus photo cover variant for the issue where Daryl Dixon is introduced it might even become the bestselling comic book of the year.

The Walking Dead stars have become major draws on the pop culture convention circuit, and none appear to be a bigger draw than Norman Reedus. A Walking Dead comic book with a Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon photo cover would be a very popular item for Norman Reedus fans to get signed.

Kirkman was wise not to bring Daryl Dixon into the comic books too early, but now that Daryl’s popularity has risen, it’s time. It would now be a major event for Daryl to appear in the comic book, and it would draw new readers into comic book stores.


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