Norman Reedus Says Boondock Saints III Is Being Written Right Now

The original Boondock Saints movie came out in 1999. The film starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus, and it was written and directed by Troy Duffy.

The Boondock Saints initially had a limited and unsuccessful run in a handful of theaters, but it went on to become a cult classic on video. In 2009, a sequel called The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day was released.

In an appearance at the Wizard World New York Experience, Norman Reedus was asked about the long-rumored third Boondock Saints movie. Norman Reedus said, “Supposedly Troy [Duffy] is writing it right now, so I’m curious to read it.”

Explaining the ten year gap between the first Boondock Saints movie and the second Boondock Saints movie, Norman Reedus said, “You know, there was a lawsuit with that movie, so there was a ten year contract.

We couldn’t even do part 2 until the ten years expired. Everybody wanted to do it sooner, but I think the story is all the lawyers were sitting in a room, right when the clock struck 12, everyone had their pen in their hand, you know, waiting for the ten years to be over. That’s why it took ten years.”


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