The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Talks New Zombie Threat, Carol & Daryl Being ‘A Thing’

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. -- “The Walking Dead” will return this October to AMC and Norman Reedus hinted about the new threat coming in Season 4.
When sat down with him at the Wired Cafe at the Omni Hotel in San Diego on Thursday afternoon, the actor, who plays crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon, was definitely aware that he couldn’t reveal too much.
“Every boss I have is in the city right now,” he said, with a laugh.
He was able to hint at one change in the works for those flesh eating zombies on the show.
“The zombies became sort of manageable at the end of last season and they’re a little less manageable right now – in a very clever way,” he said.
Zombie talk aside, one thing many fans are clamoring for is an official romance between Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride). Both Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Melissa (Carol) previously told Access that they think Carol and Daryl are already Carol+Daryl, and that no physical romance was necessary. When we asked Norman about it, he agreed.
“They are a thing already and they care about each other and there’s reasons that they care about each other,” Norman said – words that will no doubt delight the “Carylers.” “I just don’t think — I mean, if anybody would make a move out of those two, it’d be Carol. I don’t think Daryl’s the type of guy that’s like, ‘Hey babe, get over here, give me a kiss!’ You know what I’m saying? He’d be like, ‘Get the hell away from me!’
While Rick and Lori may have shared some intimate moments back in the early seasons of “The Walking Dead,” Norman isn’t expecting Daryl and Carol to get intimate any time soon. But if they do, he has some ideas about what should happen.
“I think, if he did that, his head would explode. … It wouldn’t be like, ‘Oh, we did it. Let’s cuddle. We’re a thing,’” Norman continued. “I don’t think he’s emotionally stable enough to have sex, cuddle, talk in the… I don’t think he could do. I think he would do it like an animal. You know what I mean? And if we’re gonna do it, I hope someone is biting the back of someone’s neck.”
“The Walking Dead” returns with Season 4 this October on AMC.
-- Jolie Lash

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