“Norman Reedus Is A Great Guy” Says Steven Yeun

Fans of the hit series The Walking Dead will be preparing for the start of the fourth season due to air on October 13, 2013; however, in the meantime attention is focusing on the individual actors renown for their roles within the television series. Steven Yeun, or as fans of the series know him, Glenn, recently had a conversation with Access Hollywood where the hot topic centered around Norman Reedus who is the epitome of the tough, zombie-fighting, bite-prevailing hero Daryl.

Steven Yeun had this to say, “He’s awesome. Daryl is Daryl and Norman is Norman and people somehow mix the two up. Norman is such a great guy and he’s a fantastic actor. He’s not sitting there like, ‘Oh yeah. I have so many women all over me.’ He’s just such a nice guy and he’s also realistic, and if women are hoarding him, then he’s just going to take it in stride. He’s a really chill dude. It’s amazing to see what he goes through because sometimes I’m glad that it doesn’t happen to me, but sometimes I’m extremely jealous as well.”

Norman Reedus is known for his creative side, which he proved when leaving his signature on some pretty unusual objects. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol Peletier in The Walking Dead, shared her story with Access Hollywood. “Here’s a funny little Norman story. There’s a bunch of bananas in a bowl at the craft services little tent and Norman signed all of the bananas. He was wrapped, he was leaving, he probably went over to get something to take away and [thought], ‘I think I’ll sign all these bananas.’ And he just signed all the bananas and left them in the bowl,” she said.

The Walking Dead has become a huge success, partly due to the intriguing story line and gripping character turmoil, but also because many are fans of the individual actors as proven from excited actor-inspired tweets.

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