If I were a zombie, I’d eat ‘delicious’ Jessica Alba and ‘all the Kardashians’: Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead stars Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (Sheriff Rick Grimes) recently swung into Singapore to promote the second half of Season 4. On top of tirelessly entertaining rabid fans with every selfie and autograph request, they also hosted a press conference where Reedus dug out the most awesome answers ever.
If you were a zombie in Hollywood, who’s the first celebrity you’d eat?
Reedus (responding to suggestions): Miley (Cyrus) is too skinny, I need someone who looks delicious… Kat Dennings looks delicious.
Jessica Alba is pretty delicious looking. Andy (Lincoln) you could be delicious. And I’d eat all of the Kardashians… Actually I’d eat most of Hollywood.
Your favourite gifts from fans?
R: My favourite stuff is to get little kids’ drawings.
One lady sent me a really expensive guitar and I tweeted out, ‘please don’t spend money when you send stuff to me’.
The lady wrote back, saying her husband died overseas in the military, was a really big fan of a movie I did, he had a huge guitar collection so she thought he would want me to have it.
I also got a whip, sex toys… one lady sent me a rubber vagina.
If you could swap characters with anyone else in The Walking Dead, who would it be?
R: Can I choose him (pointing to Lincoln)? I like the fact that his character’s always trying to do the right thing but makes wrong decisions. I like that. I’d choose him… but I can’t see anyone else playing Rick Grimes.
Lincoln: I’d choose my son (Carl) because it means I get 30 years back in my life.
Your most memorable and difficult scenes
R: The death of my brother, stabbing him in the head. (I cried) like a baby, right. I remember reading the script and thinking this day is going to suck, it’s going to be so hard. When you do something like that it makes your day very long.
That’s the only bad thing about being on the show. You lose people who’re your friends.
But one of the funniest ones: Andy and I cut open a zombie to look for the bones of Sophia, that took forever and they had tubes blowing hot air in your face (to simulate bodily gases) and we were just laughing.
L: Riding into Atlanta on a horse. It was like a dream, the whole thing.
The death of Lori was a pretty profoundly shocking scene to have to do. But you know, shock is our watchword and pretty much every episode there’s something shocking going on.

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