Norman Reedus Wraps His Movie "Air," Injures Toe

Would someone like to volunteer as tribute and kiss Norman Reedus’s (Daryl Dixon) toe to make it better? No one at all? Poor guy. It’s a shame he’s not more popular.
On April 17, Norman tweeted a cool photo from the set of his movie Air, adding, "That's a wrap!" Good! We need him back on the set of The Walking Dead Season 5, and it looks like he is headed that way soon, with filming starting in early May.
Norman also shared an Instagram video, from his trailer on the Airset, starting with a close-up of his bruised toe and continuing around the strange space. It's not quite as freaky as Terminus's candle room, but it is kind of its own shrine, with tons of photos of Beyonce, shirtless guys, and Norman himself. Apparently it's the "Girls Lounge” and it’s … interesting.
Norman recently shared the sexy selfie below from the set of that movie, which is co-produced by a few of The Walking Dead honchos. 
He had a bandaged hand in that pic, so his character might take a beating in the film. 
Norman and Djimon Hounsou co-star in Air, which is about two custodians who struggle to hold onto their sanity while living in an underground bunker with cryogenically frozen people meant to re-populate society.
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