‘The Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Wants to Make a Book of Artwork Made by his Fans and New Stuff

Daryl Dixon Artwork By The-Swoosh
It is Thanksgiving already! Norman Reedus wants to make a book of artwork made by his fans. He tweeted and expressed his desire to collaborate with his hardcore fans who tweet/Instagram/mail/Facebook him their art featuring the crossbow dude Daryl Dixon. 
An artist himself, Norman Reedus certainly knows the value of art and this is his way to connect with his fans. Norman is likely to include new stuff in the book along with artwork by fans. "love you guys. I've decided to make a book of the artwork you've made me me over the yrs. and new stuff! with your permission of course.x," tweeted Norman Reedus.
Later, he shared the e-mail address where fans can send the necessary artwork and Rachel is helping him compile and put together this new book. "please send artwork to Bigbaldbook1@gmail.com (rachel helping me) lets make a fan art book . heck yeah . love you guys. gonna be cool!!"
Norman Reedus' fans have been sending artwork to him which he shares on a daily basis via his Twitter,Facebook and Instagram pages. He truly cherishes the efforts made by the people who love him as a person as well as his on-screen avatar - Daryl Dixon.
As soon as Norman tweeted about this new art project, his fans started responding - clearly they are psyched about it. "@wwwbigbaldhead omg that's awesome! I hope my work makes it! Xoxoxo," tweeted Valentina Blackheart.
Norman Reedus is a photographer and his photography book titled "The Sun's Coming Up ... Like a Big Bald Head" includes photos of places that he visited during his career.
Norman talked to The Hollywood Reporter in August 2013. He mentioned that it is "very personal" and comes with a nice hardcover.
"[The photos are] through my eyes, like my interpretation of what my surroundings were at certain times -- so some of the photos are from a John Carpenter film that I worked on and he builds these insane worlds and crazy characters and I sort of kidnapped a few of those people and took them on a little journey of my own," said Norman.
Norman Reedus returns as Daryl Dixon in "The Walking Dead" Season 5 this October on AMC.
Source: au.ibtimes.com

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