Norman Reedus Thanks Fans, Promises “Great” Book of Artwork

Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Producer Denise Huth Hugs Norman Reedus While Shooting The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale
For months, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) has been assembling a book of fan art as a way to show his legions of adoring fans just how much he appreciates them. 
We mean, what says thanks better than having one of your favorite actors publish your art?! And now it sounds like the highly-anticipated book could be nearing completion. Woohoo!
On May 25 Norman tweeted, “Thank u everyone that sent in artwork really great stuff. Book is gonna be great. You guys are the best thank you!!!”
Throughout this process Norman has been sharing some of his absolute favorite fan art, so we totally trust him when he says a great book is on the way — you guys are pretty darn talented!
Given Norman (and Daryl’s) fan-favorite status, we’re not surprised that he was The Walking Dead cast member to take this task on. Let’s also not forget that the 45-year-old actor clearly has an artistic eye. Last year he released a book of photographs, The Sun's Coming Up ... Like a Big Bald Head, and the collection — including snaps of roadkill and pictures from TWD’s Atlanta set — received a ton of praise from media outlets and fans alike.
Less than a week after Norman announced his plans to publish a book, he had already received thousands of submissions and set a May 13 deadline, which has now come and gone. From the sound of Norman’s tweet, we’d say the submission period is over, but that just means we’re one step closer to a finished product.
Still no word yet on when the book will be released, but if it comes out before Season 5 premieres, then it will be a good way to pass the time. Either way, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.
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