The Boondock Saints 3 Is Happening, Script Revealed

After many rumors that it was happening only to be told it wasn't, it turns out it is finally happening!

According to the official Boondock Saints page, a new movie is in the works. The page posted a few pages from a script and notes that The Boondock Saints 3 is in production. The post reads as follows: 
"Troy has been working on the script for Boondock Saints III, I snagged a couple of pages for everyone. IT IS going to happen."

According to the leaked script both main characters (Connor and Murphy) will be returning. Which as fans will know means that both Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus will be coming back! The movie could easily get a huge boost thanks to the popularity Reedus has gained from The Walking Dead. 

Of course it is still in the screenwriting stage so anything could happen beyond this point, but it is looking good for fans at least! The post has been up over an hour now and has over 17k likes. According to the comments, many people are excited! 

This comes off the heels of many other projects and ideas the page had posted. Recently they planned to make a TV show based on the movie, instead of the third movie. Fans also got to vote on possible projects, including a possible third movie. Almost anything that came from these ideas were denied and put down as rumors, but it seems the idea of a third movie has won the battle. 

Here are the images provided by the fan page. 

Source: Boondock Saints Facebook (Official)

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