Walking Dead’s’ Daryl Norman Reedus and ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Jesse Aaron Paul New Movie with Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

Are you addicted to AMC’s breakout dramas Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead? Do you ever dream of what it would be like if Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) worked together. Well fan girls get ready to get everything you ever dreamed of. Reedus and Paul are teaming up in the all new movie Triple Nine. The AMC boys will be joined by Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot on the film.

According to the film’s IMDB page the official plot synopsis reads:

“A group of corrupt police officers are blackmailed into pulling off a seemingly impossible heist. They plot the murder of a rookie police officer in order to orchestrate a ‘999’, code for 'officer down', to pull off the heist across town.”
An posting on Auditions Free’s casting call page for the movie, further explains the plot, reporting:
“The crime thriller thriller is about a bunch of crooked cops who get blackmailed into trying to pull off what they think is an impossible heist. To make the plan work, they set up a rookie cop who they plan to kill in order to trigger an officer down alarm, however, things don’t go as planned and their plan comes unraveled when their rookie fall guy, played by Casey Affleck turns their plan on its side.”

The film is scheduled to be released on in 2015.

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  1. I’m really excited! Norman is my favorite actor and I have just started to watch Breaking Bad and I Aron is really cool as Jesse.