The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Says Hershel Can Never Be Replaced

We’re used to bidding beloved characters (and the actors who portray them) farewell each season on The Walking Dead, but no one’s passing hit the cast, characters, and viewers harder than that of Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson). He was the paternal figure in the group, their moral compass, and his death was all the more painful because he was beheaded by The Governor (David Morrissey).
After Hershel’s death and then the Season 4 finale last spring manyTWD members reflected on what Hershel/Scott’s absence would mean for the group, and now it’s Norman Reedus’ (Daryl Dixon) turn to weigh in. Not surprisingly, Norman took the loss hard and even declared Hershel irreplaceable.
“There’s nobody on our show like Hershel, you can’t replace a Hershel. He brought a certain experience and comfort in his words,” Norman told during a video interview. Speaking of Scott, he continued, “He has such an air about him just as a person and when he inhabits a character. I always say in interviews that I want to grow up and be Scott Wilson one day, I think Daryl might have thought the same thing of Hershel. He’s tough and he means what he says, and he’s a good person so I think there are similarities there.”
Hershel’s death will be a tough one to get over, no doubt, and our group isn’t in the best position (trapped in a Terminus train car) as we start Season 5, but there’s still hope to look forward to. Like, for example, the likely reunion between Daryl and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), who has yet to reach Terminus.
Sure, we don’t know that a Caryl reunion is in the cards, but it would be a huge missed opportunity for the writers if it didn’t play out. “I think out of everyone in the group she’s definitely one of the top ones that he’ll be most excited to be reunited with,” Norman said of a possible reunion. “He’s always protected her, he’s always had a soft spot for her, and he’s always looked after her. I think he recognizes a lot of himself in her and I think he would do anything to keep her alive and keep her safe. It’s a very close bond between those two.”
Yeah Norman, there’s an entire Caryl fandom that would back you up on that last statement!
Do you think Hershel can be replaced? Are you looking forward to a Caryl reunion? Sound off below!

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