Norman Reedus on the Future of ‘The Walking Dead’

Just days after the season three finale of “The Walking Dead” aired on AMC, shocking fans and inspiring vigorous commentary on blogs and message boards, actor Norman Reedus arrived at the premiere of Danny Boyle’s film “Trance” last night, looking like an urban version of his character, Daryl Dixon — with that distinctive long hair and an all-black ensemble.
Reedus lives in New York’s Chinatown when he’s not filming “The Walking Dead” in the woods outside Atlanta, and stood on the penthouse floor of the “Trance” after-party at a private triplex on Greenwich St. Speakeasy ran into Reedus and his date, singer Debbie Harry, by one of the heat lamps, and enjoyed the view of New Jersey together.
“It’s very clubby up here,” he said, before talking with us about “The Walking Dead” season finale, what we can expect in season four, and the Governor who won’t die.
So, what has been the response you’ve gotten from the season finale?
A great response. It’s been huge. I think people were expecting everybody to die, you know? We did have some deaths but it set up – season four is going to be more character-driven. You see how everybody’s changing, how Carl’s changing, Rick’s changing. What’s happened to us in season three, it’s been huge. Everybody’s personalities are going up in different directions. It’s going to come back to that, sort of like season one.
Do you know what’s going to happen next?
Our writers are very generous in that they bring you into the writers’ room and then they’re very clever at telling you absolutely nothing for about two hours. You’re in it you’re like, “yeah, yeah,” and you walk out and you’re like, “I have no f—ing idea what we’re going to do.”
Are you reading the comic books in advance to get an idea?
Well, the show’s kind of its own animal right now. It deviates a lot. There are certain characters I’m sure you’ll see sooner or later, and certain things, but it won’t be exactly like the comic books because they don’t want everyone to know exactly what’s going to happen.
Were you surprised that the Governor lives?
No, because I don’t think he’s reached his full Governorism yet, you know? I mean, the comic book villain is like the most hated comic-book villain, above the Joker. The biggest one ever. So I think he’s going to get meaner.
In many ways it’s helpful for the show that there’s a villain that’s constant.
It’s interesting because people that aren’t villains, may turn into villains, you know what I mean? Carl just shot a kid in the face. I think season four is going to be our best season, I really do. Our new showrunner – Glen [Mazzara] was amazing, and Frank [Darabont] was always amazing, but Scott [Gimple] is such a good writer. He’s got the whole thing plotted out already. I’m really excited to get going. We’ll start season four in May.


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