Norman Reedus Hair: Do You Prefer Your Badass With Long or Short Locks?

Being this deep in the Walking Dead game, we can’t imagine our favorite zombie killer Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) without the wispy ‘do, but he didn’t always have those perfect, face-framing, neck-grazing tendrils of hair. You’ll see what we mean below.This is Norman looking handsome and clean-cut with short, waif-like hairdo during New York Fashion Week in February 2012. It’s quite a different look from his 2013 ‘do below.

Now that we’re further into the zombie apocalypse, Norman’s character Daryl probably doesn’t have time in between shooting zombies in the face to get a proper haircut, which might be why Norman is growing his locks out. His darker, longer, and shaggier look is definitely more rock-and-roll, but which length do you like best on the 44-year-old actor? Vote below!

On a side note: It’s kind of weird we don’t see the same hair growth happening with Rick’s curly ‘do, right? Like, if Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) let his hair grow out, he might end up looking like ‘90s Kenny G, which would be awesome. Just sayin’.

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