Why Did Norman Reedus Start Giving the Finger and Licking People?

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) is an odd duck, but that’s why we like him. (That and the hotness.)
The Walking Dead star recently talked to Entertainment Weekly radio about Season 4, pranking his bromance buddy Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), and the origin story for some of his more unique quirks.

For example, EW asked how he became "the world's foremost authority on giving the finger.” Norman estimated that he’s given the finger to “a bazillion” people so far, and he’s had auditoriums of people give him the single digit salute for a photo.

“It started off kind of as a joke and it just escalated until it's a request now,” he said. People now regularly come up to him asking if he can give them the finger for their own pics.
But that’s not all — at some point he escalated to tongue use. As Norman explained “I started licking people. I went to London and I got all these pictures of me, like, licking different monuments and so forth. ... So I started licking people on set. And people ask me to lick them all the time now on set. 'Can I lick you?' 'Will you lick me?'"

He said he put the kibosh on that, which is probably smart since he'd likely become a one-man bacteria factory. Still, the man can’t stop combining his tongue and fingers, as we saw in the Season 4 premiere, when he licked his fingers before shaking Patrick’s hand. Vincent Martella (Patrick) told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively that was a choice Norman made for his character, ‘cause it seemed like something Daryl would do. Apparently Daryl and Norman do have a few things in common!
What do you think? Having your face licked sounds gross, but is it a different story if Norman does the licking — even if you know that tongue has been on London monuments and across rural Georgia?

Source: www.wetpaint.com

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