Walking Dead's hot hillbilly Norman Reedus reveals his recent hospital visit after injuring himself on set

Helpful hint: In case of hospital visit, be sure to remove all traces of possible fake blood first...or else expect a bad reaction from the staff.
Walking Dead star Norman Reedus found out the hard way, as the actor told the story of a recent hospital visit to the ladies of The View on Tuesday morning. 
The actor, who plays hot crossbow-wielding hillbilly Daryl Dixon, explained to the women that he was 'always' getting hurt on the set of the show. 
Dead head: Walking Dead star Norman Reedus spends some time on the couch as he makes his debut appearance on The View on Tuesday
During one of the scenes, the 44-year-old actor received a head injury, for which he had to be taken to the emergency room.
'I got hit in the head and had stitches across my head but I was covered in blood," said Reedus. "The ambulance came, took me to the hospital. I come in and they see me and I'm just covered in blood and people start freaking out.'
However, if the bizarre visit to the ER wasn't enough, the incident took a turn for the strange after the actor was discharged. 
'The interesting part comes on the way home because they brought me back to set, where one of the teamsters drove my car and had me in their car driving back home,' said the former Prada model. 'But as we come up over a hill and there's an 18-wheeler on its side.'
Hot hillbilly: On the show, Norman Reedus plays Darryl, the survivalist with a crossbow
Biggest fan: Reedus makes good with his adoring public while on The View
The actor quickly went from fictional zombie fighter to real-life hero as Reedus talked about his harrowing experience saving a man's life 
(Note: This is not the first time the actor has spoken about the event, as he recounted the story in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in October.)
'This lady's in the road and she's going, 'I think he had a heart attack! He's pinned behind the wheels!' So I jumped out of the car I was in, pulled this man, this big, sweaty man, out of a truck, laid him down,' said the actor. 'Then the ambulance came and a paramedic said, 'Did I just take you to the hospital?' And I was like, 'No, no, no, it's this guy!'
'...look who I bumped into this morning,' tweeted Kellie Pickler
When he isn't saving lives, the actor/artists is also working on his craft: photography.
His new book of photos, titled The Sun's Coming Up .. Like a Big Bald Head, was recently published. 
In addition to his book, Reedus also at a showing of his art, much of which prominently featured roadkill, much to the chagrin of host Barbara Walkers, who wasn't even familiar with the term until recently.
'I ride a motorcycle to set and I kept seeing so much roadkill on the ground,' he said. 'So I just started stopping and taking these pictures of roadkill.'
Source: dailymail

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