The Walking Dead: Five Interesting Norman Reedus Facts From The Tonight Show

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus appeared as a guest on Wednesday night’s Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Here are five interesting facts that Reedus revealed during his appearance.

5. Norman Reedus Didn’t See A Lot Of Boobs In New Orleans – Norman Reedus was one of the Grand Marshals for Mardi Gras. When Fallon asked Reedus if he saw a whole bunch of naked people when tossing out beads, Reedus said, “I was a little disappointed, because I didn’t see a whole lot of boobs. I think that’s what the tourist do on Bourbon Street, but not the locals.”
4. Laurie Anderson Inspired Norman Reedus’ Twitter Handle – When Reedus was little, he went to a concert of Laurie Anderson. During her song Sharkey’s Day, she sings the “sun’s coming up like a big bald head.” Those words stuck with Reedus, and he uses “big bald head” as  the name of his production company and Twitter handle.
3. Norman Reedus Hugged Fred Armisen Twelve Times – When Saturday Night Live did a sketch involving The Walking Dead, Bill Hader texted Reedus and invited him to the after party. Reedus said, “I went to the party, and I saw Fred. I think I hugged Fred like twelve times.
2. Norman Reedus Works Out To Keep Up With His Action Figure – Reedus brought Jimmy Fallon a McFarlane Toys’ Daryl Dixon action figure as a gift. Reedus said, “They keep making them with no sleeves, so I’m constantly doing this (makes a curling motion with his arms) trying to keep up with the toy.”
1. Norman Reedus Has A Titanium Eye Socket – One time when Reedus was in Berlin his car got hit by an eighteen wheeler, and he was injured. When he was in the hospital, they had to put in a titanium eye socket. Of course, Fallon asked the most obvious question of if Reedus could shoot lasers or anything out of it. Reedus said, “Yes, of course.” Then, through the magic of television, Reedus fired a laser out of his eye, creating a huge explosion.


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